30 October, 2015

The Day Meat Fell from The Sky

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The cause of the Kentucky Meat Shower remains a mystery to this day.

This week, for Halloween, we’re bringing you a scary story. On March 3rd, 1876, large chunks of red meat fell from the sky for a period of several minutes, covering land the size of a football field near Olympia Springs, Kentucky. The cause of the Kentucky Meat Shower remains a mystery to this day, so we’ll speak to experts and scientists to find out what could have caused this strange historical event.

This is an excerpt from Show 330: “The Day Meat Fell from The Sky: A Halloween Special.” Listen to the full show, where we find out all about wine savers from gadget guru Lisa McManus, speak with food writer Adam Gopnik about scary foods, learn how to make perfect cherry crisp in a skillet, and answer call-in cooking questions.

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Source: America’s Test Kitchen.

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