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14 October, 2015

Review of “Websites Made Easy.”

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     “Websites Made Easy” Lives Up to It’s Name

By Oldschoozchef


     I did not become computer literate until 1999. At first, it was frustrating. Why? I think it was because I had a teacher who did not know how to teach the subject effectively. Since retiring as an executive chef in 2008, I have decided to make the transition into teaching because both of my parents were educators. I have been majoring in Education Studies at Arizona State University and have found that teaching, as well as learning is an acquired skill. Anyway, back to computer literacy. It was in 1999 that I got my first desktop. I got connected to the internet the old “dial up” way. It was slow compared to today’s speeds but it was all I had and it opened up a new world for me. I started finding out all these things about internet marketing, and so called “testimonials” about how people were making money on the internet.

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Eventually, I created a website a few years ago because I had a story to tell about food. I didn’t expect to make money. I just wanted to share my knowledge of food, recipes and maybe share some skills and knowledge on creating and running a food business such as a restaurant or even food truck since I had experience in both. Moving forward, I realized the importance of having a website and social media in order to tap in to the potential of a business. The problem was, there was so much information out there but no one was speaking in my language. I mean, I am of average intelligence but I like to learn things in “chunks.” That is, step-by-step. I had this website up but I rarely updated it or did anything to promote it because I was afraid I would mess it up. I had this theme called “Thesis” which I thought at the time was great but for me, it was difficult to navigate and update, so I just left it alone. Then one day, I stumbled across this YouTube video by James B. Stafford and I was rejuvenated. His style of presenting, educating and speaking impressed me. He uses what we call in the education circles a teaching style of “chunking‘ and “blended learning.” His speaking voice is easy to relate to and his teaching style commands attention to every word he says with ease. I mean, you want to hear this guy talk! To sum it up, his presentations are easy to understand, he is friendly and concise and shows a passion for what he is teaching. He shows you how to set up a website for minimal cost and have it look professional using WordPress themes.  I am truly delighted and have been enlightened by his video. That’s why I am sharing it here with you.

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