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14 October, 2015

Blogger Spotlight: A Farmgirl’s Dabbles Brings Backyard Booyah Inside

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Traditional booyah kettles can hold more than 50 gallons of stew. We decided to tackle a version for one hungry family at home.

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With the help of Cook’s Country’s adventures to Green Bay, Wisconsin, we find that “Booyah” is much more than a slang term, but a delicious fall tradition packed full of veggies and meat. Brenda, at A Farmgirl’s Dabbles, cooks up a pot of this hearty dish for an indoor crowd while sharing stories of huge outdoor gatherings in the Upper Midwest surrounding giant pots of this delectable stew.

Today’s Featured Blogger:
A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

“You’re gonna love this rich and flavorful Booyah recipe I’m sharing with you today, scaled down in quantity from traditional mega-batch recipes made in giant kettles to feed the masses. Yes, this one can be enjoyed wherever you live, from your very own kitchen. But… if you’re ever invited to a Booyah, please promise me you’ll go!”


“The broth is heavenly, super flavorful with a gorgeous silken quality from the gelatin of the beef bones. And chunks of tender meats and vegetables in every single spoonful make it rich and hearty. If you’re looking for a new fall tradition, maxed out in homemade warmth and comfort, this Booyah recipe has my vote.”


“This recipe, even though it was scaled down from a full-fledged booyah recipe, still requires quite a bit of hands-on work, plus a good amount of time (essential for full flavor and tender meats). But I promise you, it’s absolutely worth it.”


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Source: America’s Test Kitchen.

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