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2 November, 2015

Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Start Now. Here’s What You Need to Know

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Can’t wait to start Black Friday bargain-hunting? If you’re shopping on Amazon, you don’t have to!

Today, the world’s biggest retailer launched its Black Friday deals store. And although Thanksgiving is more than three weeks away, you’ll already find reduced prices on a variety of products.
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Some sales last the entire day (Daily Deals), while others are only available for a matter of hours (Lightning Deals).

Amazon Prime Members Get Early Access to Lightning Deals

In conjunction with the launch, Amazon announced that, for the first time, Prime members will have early access to the 30,000 Lightning Deals it plans to offer — with the ability to purchase deals 30 minutes before anyone else.  

Though the majority of deals offered today didn’t sell out, that extra half hour could be a game-changer when Black Friday gets closer — and the deals get hotter — so if you’re not already a Prime member, you might want to sign up for a free trial.

To see what deals Amazon’s offering right now, surf over to their Black Friday store.

Your Turn: Will you shop at Amazon now? Or will you wait until Black Friday?

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Can’t wait for Nov. 27? Amazon Black Friday deals hit the site today. Here’s how to get your hands on the deals — plus, a cool bonus for Prime members.

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