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3 November, 2015

8 Global Ways to Love Plantains

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Savory and starchy when green, sweet and creamy when ripe, tropical plantains make more than just chips. Here’s how we eat them, from stewing with Indian spices to mashing into Dominican gnocchi.

A unique Indian curry

Sesame seeds and black peppercorns give this stew its fragrant flavor.

A Kenyan lunch

Mix mashed plantains with curry-stewed beef for a loose African twist on meat and potatoes.

Plantains, the Puerto Rican way

Top with a quick tomato sauce. Dinner’s now done.

Savory-sweet gnocchi

Plantains and yucca flour make these gnocchi extra fluffy and slightly sweet—a perfect complement to the rich, creamy short rib ragù.

Stuff your pies with picadillo

Spice up meat and plantain pies with freshly ground achiote.

A tropical fish stew

Purréed plantains take the sidelines to highlight the fragrant coconut, culantro, and cumin broth.

A new kind of chicken noodle soup

Replace your potatoes with root vegetables and plantains.

Top your fritters with seafood salsa

Stewed shrimp garnishes these fried green plantain tostones.

Source: Saveur.

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