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2 November, 2015

7 Ways to Reinvent the Humble Carrot

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So you’ve snacked on baby carrots with hummus, roasted them whole to serve alongside chicken, sweated them for a saute, and juiced them to give your green juice a hint of sweetness and pop of color. But have you used their tops, mixed their juice with booze, or folded them into a dessert (that isn’t carrot cake)? Didn’t think so. Here’s how to get creative with our favorite orange vegetable.

Turn carrots into a dip

Like hummus, but more orange.

And a warm side

When you want something classic.

Or an awesome pasta

Carrot sauce is the new tomato sauce.

You can also use the tops

Don’t waste the tops—turn them into pesto.

Or even make a drink

Get a little Vitamin A with your booze.

Plus, they’re perfect for cakes

We all already knew this…

But are also good in non-cake desserts

But this one’s fun.

Source: Saveur.

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